Residencies in Jingdezhen, China

In the fall of 2015 and 2016 I traveled to Jingdezhen in the Jiangxi Province of China. Jingdezhen has an incredible history regarding ceramics and porcelain.  Known around the world as the porcelain city, you can find ceramics everywhere you go. I spent my time in the studio at The Pottery Workshop having access to all of the artisans within the Sculpture Factory where it is situated.  Each residency was a two month stay where I focused on different bodies of work including pottery, installation, and sculpture.  Having used some slip casting in my previous work, Jingdezhen is where I honed my skills.  Along with sending my work back to the United States, I shipped back over 20 molds made by the masters working in The Sculpture Factory.  Jingdezhen is a fantastic place to work with porcelain everywhere, incredible artisans and masters, antique markets, and artists from around the globe all there for the same reason, ceramics.