For the Artist Journal you will be visiting and clicking on the “Artist” tab at the top.  You will be looking for work that is interesting to you, or has to do with something that you are working on for your projects.  Make sure you write down the artist’s name because you will then be researching them on the web and putting together a document with images and writing.  Look for the artists bio and artist statement so that you can write about who this artist is and what their work is about.  Things like where they live, went to school, or life events may or may NOT be relevant (these are only relevant if they help the reader understand their work) to your research.  Other things that may be relevant might be found in their artist statement, or in a biography section of their website. 


To make things easier, please see the templates for both Microsoft Word and Pages in the Course Document area of the website.


These are all part of a greater lesson on the elements and principles of design that we will cover in class.  Fell free to take a look at the pdf by clicking here.