Lecture and Demonstration Videos

Part one of the beginning glaze lecture/demonstration for Brian Kohl's Chaffey College Class. In this video Brian Kohl explains the process of glazing step by step for his college students at Chaffey College. Oxidation and reduction firings are described along with the cone values used at Chaffey College for bisque and glaze.

This is the demonstration portion of the glaze lecture/demo for glazing in Brian Kohl's Beginning Ceramics course at Chaffey College. In this video Kohl demonstrates dipping a pinch pot, and applying mason stain to a stamped piece to accentuate the textured surface.

Here is the final glazing demonstration video for Brian Kohl's beginning ceramics class at Chaffey College. In this demonstration Kohl finishes the stamped and stained pate from part 2, shows how to brush on stain over glaze, uses wax resist for decoration, glazes the inside of a slab vase, and talks about when it is appropriate to use the spray booth.

In this video Brian Kohl demonstrates for his Introduction to ceramics course on how to throw a basic cylinder on the potters wheel1. This is the classes first demo on throwing so many concepts, techniques, and tips are discussed in detail.