Intro Class - Vase Shapes


For this blog post we will be finding images of vase shapes, they can be photographs from the web, from your own camera, or drawings of vase shapes that you might find by doing a search on the web.  Most of you will likely do a google image search for "vase shapes", "ceramic vase shapes", "traditional vase shapes", "Greek vase shapes", or "contemporary vase shapes", or you can go to and go to browse/object type/vases or vessels.  Copy and paste 3 pictures to the post.  Try to find images of work that is not mass produced, find some pieces that have some interest to them, a sleek modern shape is OK as long as you are interested in it.  I want you to find three vase shapes where the shape goes in and out, or out and in at least one time.  Happy searching, take a look at the photo here and it should give you an example of what I am looking for.  Take the time to take a look at the other images that your classmates have posted.